Сочинение в 500 слов на английском "За что и как я люблю свою лучшую подругу"

So, I can’t believe that you are eighteen now. It’s been ten years and a couple of months since we’ve met, which is more than a half of our lives.

I remember you being so quiet and almost not talkative girl, shy and really smart, with that funny long ponytail of yours. You read books while there was that chaos of people and laugh and shouting around you. You studied while we were playing in our crazy childish games. You seemed much older than almost all of the class, not older by years – which you are – but by your serious attitude. You seemed different.

We weren’t best friends back then; we weren’t even really close, we were good classmates like I was with the rest of the class. Maybe we were a little bit closer, but not much. There were always other people and other friends and we’ve been nothing like we are now.

Than my dear mom died and I cried and cried and cried and it seemed to me that nothing could stop me from crying. You could. You were there for me, a little girl, alone and shy, with her mummy and you were both there for me in the hardest moment of my life. You were my everything. If you weren’t I can only imagine what kind of girl I could grow up and that is truly a horrible image. But that’s you who helped me to be that shining light, that funny and positive person who I am now.

After that everything changed completely. Of course I have been a good friend for each and every one, but I couldn’t imagine what my life would be without you by my side anymore. You became my sister, my best friend; you became one of the most important persons in my life. You and your family. I can truly say that I have to thank you and your mom for helping me to get used to the thought of Tanya being a part of my family. You think you did nothing; I can say that you did much more than that.

Not much has changed in years. We grew up; we became different and yet we are still those little girls, giggling at night on your bed, trying to be silent every time we hear someone getting up. I love you really really much and I want to be with you for our lives. I want our husbands to be good buddies and our children to play the same games and preferably together. I want our future not to be separated by families and work and other things but for it to be truly ours.

In that particular day I wish you to be happy for as long as you live, I wish you to find your true love when you will be sure you are ready (believe me it’s really important) and I wish you to be you. I love you so much, my favorite person!

2013-11-08 в 10:37 

Мечты - воспоминания о будущем.
Я сначала хотела ответить на английском, но поняла, что сейчас кроме "thank you very much" по-английски больше ничего не скажу х))
Но реально, спасибо большое за эти слова)) Я тоже надеюсь на то, что мы с тобой будем вместе ещё очень-очень долго. Ты же соскучишься по моим глупым шуткам :gigi:


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